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  • Don't miss this worthwhile presentation for all bilingual families
    Language Success in your Bilingual Home

    השגת מצוינות בשתי השפות  במשפחה הדו- לשונית. ההרצאה באנגלית
    Learn how to manage your bilingual environment so that your children can achieve excellence in both languages easily.  Participants will hear of the pitfalls and how to avoid them. Presented by Margaret Kohn, speech therapist/English teacher with specialty in bilingual families. Margaret has an active private practice in Raanana

    Workshop details:

    Language of presentation will be in English with Hebrew translation as needed

    Participation is recommended for all parents and grandparents of bilingual families, language teachers, and professionals who work with bilingual children.

    Place: The Sara Silber Psychological-Educational Clinic, Motzkin 23c, Raanana.
    1. To register for the presentation, please print out the form below (scroll down to relevant part).
    2. fill it out in pen, and mail it in with your check.
    3. Fee is 100 NIS per registrant, 160 NIS per couple. Check should be dated Jan 18, 2013 and made payable and mailed to: Sara Silber, Motzkin 23, Raanana, 43313. 

      Cancellation Policy – With 10 days notice there will be a full refund. 
    4. Your registration will be acknowledged after your payment is received. 
    5. Email Sara that your registration is on the way so that she will save your seat. (  
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