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לאתר בעברית לחצו על הדגל   

    Play therapy is a very effective way of helping children work out emotional conflicts as play is a universal natural language for children. Defense mechanisms, which are a problem in verbal therapy, are overcome in play therapy as the child honestly acts out his conflicts. In my Play Therapy Clinic, I use a wide variety of methods to help my children clients, which include: play, art, puppets, drama (skits) and other expressive mediums.

    Strong identifications with characters in play or art enable the child both to identify his difficulties and find resolutions. I help the child in this process. I have found play therapy to be very effective in working with children in my clinic, and it is a short-term process. I have used it successfully with children showing symptoms of digestion problems, children of divorce, having social difficulties, and those who have difficulty interacting with family, or managing anger and other emotions. I have found that play and art therapy are effective for children with medical problems who will undergo medical procedures and those whose past medical procedures remain a source of trauma. 

    My experience with play therapy goes back to 1985, where I studied the field of family play therapy with Dr. Shlomo Ariel, world-renowned in this field. Under his supervision, my family therapy cases were analyzed with him in his clinic. Dr. Ariel's published book, Strategic Family Play Therapy (Wiley Publishers, Great Britain), contains many examples of techniques that were taken from cases that we treated together. I am acknowledged as a contributor to this book for my therapeutic work.