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  • Troubleshoot your child's learning weaknesses before they become obstacles in first grade.

    Identifying & treating learning-related problems in pre-school children prior to their beginning first grade (and helping him "make the grade" once he is in).

    In this lecture parents and educators will learn about attention factors, sensory sensitivities, and neurological development of pre-school children. You will learn how to observe your child and take note if an important area needs strengthening. You will also get ideas of how to strengthen those areas. The lecture is a general overview of what parents and educators of pre-school children should know and do, and does not take the place of a developmental evaluation if that is called for.

    Date: To be Announced

    This presentation will be in English.

    Place: The Sara Silber Psychological-Educational Clinic, 23c Motzkin,Raanana.

    Registration Instructions

    To register for this workshop, please click on: Workshop Registration. Print the form, fill it out and mail it in with your check. Please make your check payable to Sara Silber for 100 NIS (per participant) and mail to: Sara Silber, Rechov Motzkin 23, Raanana, 43313. Your registration will be acknowledged after your payment is received. SPACE IS LIMITED.

    הרשמה: ההרשמה מראש. לחץ כאן על  Workshop Registration להדפיס את הדף, למלא אותו עם הפרטים שלכם, ולשלח אותו עם הצ'ק שלכם בדואר. נא לכתב הצ'ק לפקודת שרה סילבר, על סך 100₪ (לכל משתתף) ולשלוח המעטפה לשרה סילבר, רחוב מוצקין 23 , רעננה 43313 .  נאשר  ההרשמה כשהיא תתקבל.  מספר המקומות מוגבל.

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