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  • Mediation keeps the level of conflict low - to the benefit of your children

    Mediation is the most recent addition to the services provided by the Sara Silber Clinic. In mediation, disputing parties meet with a mediator and work on reaching an agreement out of court that both can live with. Issues are worked out in an atmosphere of mutual respect and problem-solving orientation. With the help of the trained and neutral mediator, many alternatives are explored and creative solutions are often reached which put an end to the conflict so that all can move on.

    When parties go to mediation for dispute resolution they reach agreements that can be implemented immediately and they avoid having to wait months or years for a hearing slot in crowded courtroom calendars. Mediation costs are much lower than lawyer fees and the process is much less frustrating and stressful. When the disputing parties mutually and voluntarily reach an agreement in mediation, which is written up and signed by both of them and processed by the mediator, it receives the status of a court order and becomes legally binding.

    In divorce mediation the focus is on the divorcing couple reaching decisions on everything that will affect family life after the impending divorce. This includes aspects of custodianship of the children, parenting styles (whether shared parenting can be considered), visitation schedules, child support, and property division.

    When a couple opts to go to a mediator to settle their issues out of court, instead of running to lawyers and the courts, they are keeping the level of conflict low and are working in the best interests of their children. The psychological damage of the divorce on the children is minimized significantly when parents can talk to each other, try to understand the other’s position, and compromise to reach decisions with the children’s best interests in mind. When, on the other hand, couples opt to go to court the level of conflict is heightened dramatically by the lawyers’ attempts to highlight their client’s good points and play up the ex-spouse’s negative points. This process is extremely damaging to the psychological welfare of the children who are often caught in the middle of the parental conflict. Studies show that the level of healthy adjustment of the children (and parents) to a parental split is optimized when decisions are reached through mediation.

    Sara Silber has had training in both consumer mediation and divorce mediation. She successfully completed the two courses of Dr. David Silvera in both general and consumer mediation, the latter being a practicum. Dr. Silvera is the founder and director of “Silpar” Center for Mediation in Israel. In divorce mediation, Sara Silber has successfully completed the course for advanced practitioners given by Dr. Susan Zeidel, pioneer of the field in Israel. Sara Silber has met all the requirements needed to become a court-appointed divorce mediator, a status soon to be conferred upon her.

    Silber works with a team of professionals in her mediation cases so that couples will have less stress in obtaining all the services they require when seeking the information and advice that they need in order to reach a divorce settlement. The team includes attorneys, (who are needed to draw up the final legal papers after the mediation agreement has been reached), property evaluators, actuaries, financial and tax advisors. Through the cooperation of the various auxiliary services, all of whom have background in divorce mediation, the mediation process at the Sara Silber Clinic is as user-friendly as possible, under the circumstances.

    It is hoped that divorcing couples will realize the overwhelming benefits of mediation and opt for that process in the best interest of the family.