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  • This listing of clinic events will show you the scope of the clinic's activities
    1. Getting Organized for School Success - Workshop for Kids

    At this presentation Sara will talk about and have a discussion with parents of grade school children on how to help your children learn the important skills needed in managing the daily demands of school such as organizing school books, scheduling and completing homework, managing projects, and organizing time. Study skills will also be addressed.  Handouts will be distributed so that you can apply immediately what is learned during the evening. The skills to be learned are life skills which will enhance work productivity throughout life. Two separate and independent sessions are being planned, one for parents and one for kids. 

    1. Support Group for Single Parents

    The Sara Silber Clinic is offering an English-speaking support and guidance group for single parents.  The goals of the group are to enable members to discuss the unique challenges they face, offer each other the benefits of their own unique experiences, and to receive professional guidance on the various issues that will be raised. 

    The session topics include dealing with our own intense emotions, stress-management, interaction with the ex-spouse, visitations with the children, and handling children’s questions and reactions to their family situation.  The group leader, certified family & marriage therapist Sara Silber, will provide professional guidance on these issues so that parents will learn how they can best help their children achieve maximum healthy emotional adjustment in their special circumstances.

    1. ADHD Child Management & His Family

    באנגלית ערב עיון בנושא -ניהול הילד עם הפרעת קשב ומשפחתו
    Event - Managing The ADHD Child & His Family    
    At this double presentation, Sara will discuss the components of her total approach in treating her child clients with attention deficit & hyperactivity disorder. These components include: explanation of sensory sensitivities and treatment, exercises to increase attention and self-control and reduce hyperactivity, behavioral therapy, and aspects of the home environment that are relevant to the problem.  Teacher recommendations and alternative approaches to medication will also be discussed.
    Dr. Judith Ronat, an adult psychiatrist, will present information on family genetics and genetic ramifications, give advice on helping the ADHD parent, and offer information on medication possibilities, risks and benefits  and long term effects.
    The evening promises to be most informative, especially for parents who are just beginning their challenging journey of ADHD management of their child, but also for parents who want to see if they are covering all needed angles of this complex problem.

    1. ADHD Workshop Series

    After the most successful presentation on "ADHD Management – The Total Plan" at the Silber Clinic, wide interest was expressed in having a series of workshops which would deal more thoroughly with specific aspects of the total plan and allow participants to discuss their children and get feedback from Sara Silber, Dr.Judith Ronat (adult psychiatrist co-panelist), and the other parents.

    The following series was designed to answer that need. 

    The four topics of the four sessions were:

    1. Managing Problematic Home Behavior with Behavior Modification
    2. How to Use Time-Out Technique effectively for Aggression and Impulsivity
    3. Medication issues – Deliberations and Decisions
    4. Feelings & Stress of Parents in the ADHD Family


    1. Your Family’s Profile – Functional or Dysfunctional

    Learn the features of healthy family dynamics. 
    Does your family measure up?
    Hear how you can uncover and correct problem spots for optimal family emotional well being.

    1. Stress & Anger Management Workshops for Children
    2. Judy Arnon - guest speaker
    3. Samantha Amit - guest speaker- Reflexology and Attention Deficit & Hyperactivity Disorder
    4. Jason Alster - guest speaker - Biofeedback and Attention Deficit & Hyperactivity Disorder
    5. Margaret Kohn - guest speaker - Event 1 - Language Success in Your Bilingual Home
      Event 2 - Activities for Promoting English at Home